What story is told in the book?

Sofphty the Neat Pillow is a twenty-page picture book containing eight of the imaginary adventures of a favorite pillow of a certain five year old boy, who is a co-creator of Sofphty (pronounced "softy"). 

Where can I buy the book?

We have self-published the book with the assistance of a commercial printer, so, at this time, the book is only available from us in person or from this website.  It is a first edition and only available in limited quantities.  Future printings will include minor changes and will be identified as later editions.  Copies signed by the co-author are available upon request.  Submit your request for signed copies and name of person to be addressed, if you have someone to be recognized, to www.sofphty.readerquestions. com as part of your order.

What age group would be interested in this book?

The original character and description and artwork of each adventure were created, for the most part, by a five year old and a seven year old, so we have a two-person focus group who told us the book would be appropriate for a three-to-five year old child.  We hope the book will be one of your child's favorite books that he or she will want you to read with them over and over such that it will be a book that will introduce your child to reading and interest in books.

Are words included in the story?

Each adventure is described by a text page.  A nineteen word vocabulary is used in the book along with the words used in the Introduction page.

Can you tell me about the artwork?

Sofphty the Neat Pillow is a novel design.  The drawing style utilized in the book is intentionally simple and mostly mimics the style of the original artwork, including a unique font for all of the text, but the graphics are digitally generated via a graphic design program and crisp with many details added to the original artwork.  The primary colors, blue, red and yellow, are used heavily because Sofphty is mostly blue, red and yellow.  Black, brown, tan, and grey are other colors used in the book along with some incidental use of the secondary colors.

Which adventure is the creators' favorite?

It is difficult to choose.  We like them all.  They are scubadiving Sofphty, astronaut Sofphty, scientist Sofphty, artist Sofphty, rockin' Sofphty, extreme Sofphty, captain Sofphty, and superhero Sofphty. 

How is the book made?

Very good question.  We are self-published, but a commercial printer and bookbinder teamed to produce this book for us.  It is a 6" x 9", 20-page, full color, hardcover book with a spine, stitched pages, and glossed, 100-weight paper.  In selecting the printing method, we have matched how a children's hardcover book, but not a board-type book, is usually made. Signed copies of this 1st Edition, signed by the co-author, are available upon request. As part of the signature, let us know if you have the name of someone to whom you want the author's comments addressed. As part of your order, submit request for signed copies to sofphty.readerquestions@gmail.com

How can I pay for the book?

Our store is a Shopify hosted store, so we are able to accept credit card payments and Paypal payments via the Shopify platform.  We have a merchant account with our bank, so we are approved to accept credit card payments for merchandise.

From whom will I receive the book and how long is delivery from time of placement of order?

We have self-published the book, so we are both the seller and the distributor.  We are operating as an S-Corporation under the laws of the State of Georgia.  The name of the company is NTR Sciences, Inc., and your PayPal and credit card billing will reflect payment made to this company name.   At this time, please allow 3 days for processing of your order plus the amount of time for delivery of mail from Georgia for the type of mail service you selected in placing your order.  At this time, for the shipping options offered on our website, we are not able to ship more than three books as part of any single order.

Do you offer any other shipping options?

We have no other, standardized shipping options, but if you send an e-mail message describing your request to sofphty.readerquestions@gmail.com, we'll let you know what we can do to meet your request. Bulk quantities, international shipments, etc. are examples of alternate shipping that we can arrange.