Basic information about Sofphty - The Neat Pillow.  A more detailed description of the book is in our FAQ section and on our facebook page, www.facebook/sofphty.

A commercial printer and bookbinder teamed to produce this book for us, which we self-published, so we are also the seller and the distributor.  It is a 6" x 9", 20-page, full color, hardcover book with a spine, stitched pages, and glossed, 100-weight paper.  In selecting the printing method, we have matched how a children's hardcover book, but not a board-type book, is usually made.  Signed copies of this 1st Edition, signed by the co-author, are available upon request.  As part of the signature, let us know if you have the name of someone to whom you want the author's comments addressed.  As part of your order, submit request for signed copies to